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Serenity Vista

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Center Address:
Jaramillo Arriba
Boquete, Panama, Florida , USA
Show Phone # Phone: 786-245-4067
Show Toll-Free # Toll-Free: 800-919-8023

Serenity Vista Treatment Center of Boquete, Panama is a one-of-a-kind rehabilitation facility for men and women seeking help with addiction - drug addiction, chemical dependency, alcoholism, and other forms of addiction. Our pristine location, integrative approach and highly affordable fee structure enable nearly everyone to experience the very best...even those with limited financial means! 


With over 30 years of clinical expertise backing our internationally recognized program of recovery, we have merged a variety of treatment styles from some of the world's finest treatment facilities into something truly amazing. We invite you to experience a level of luxury, expertise and affordability that is second to none! 


Welcome to Panama's Serenity Vista Treatment Center!


Serenity Vista Offers:

An integrative and customized approach to treatment based on the individual's specific needs


Highly effective treatment for drug addiction, chemical dependency and/or alcoholism

A private and luxurious clinical setting with a maximum of 8 client guests at a time

Highly experienced staff backed by over 30 years of treatment expertise


An elegant and luxurious rehabilitation residence at a fraction of the cost ($5000 per month)!

A well-rounded treatment experience that prepares the client for "real life" living

Varied program lengths ranging from one to three months

A focus on whole life recovery and personal growth from multiple perspectives

We approach recovery from multiple avenues: 12-step, holistic & clinical

A very sincere and non-institutional treatment experience



  • Gender: Coed
  • Age of Patients: 18 to 80
  • Religious Affliation: All Religions Welcome
  • Cost: $5000 per 28 days
  • Licensed: Yes
  • Certified: No
  • Accept Insurance: No
  • Medication Used: No
  • Length of Stay: 1 to 3 months (28, 42 or 91 days)
  • Allowed to Leave: residential based program
  • Visitations: Yes
  • Use of Phone: Yes
  • Meals Provided: Yes
  • Room Arrangement: standard (shared), or private
  • Special Languages: English

  •  Addiction Treatment
  •  After Care Support
  •  Alcohol Rehab
  •  Alcohol Treatment
  •  Drug Rehab
  •  Drug Treatment
  •  Gambling Treatment
  •  Nicotine Addiction
  •  Person with Co-occurring Mental and Substance Abuse Disorder
  •  Relapse Prevention
  •  Residential Long-term Treatment