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Center Address:
123 clients home street
your town, British Columbia , Canada
Show Phone # Phone: 604-725-0121

Recover For Good, A unique non-institutional and natural approach to Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation available in Canada. We accommodate individuals that recognize addiction is problematic and are unable to be absent from home or work for an extended period of time. RecoverForGood Service is Discrete, Fully Integrated, Detoxification and Addiction Treatment that takes place in your home


  • Gender: Coed
  • Age of Patients: 1 to 100
  • Religious Affliation: All Religions Welcome
  • Licensed: No
  • Certified: No
  • Accept Insurance: No
  • Medication Used: No
  • Allowed to Leave: free to quit
  • Visitations: Yes
  • Use of Phone: Yes
  • Meals Provided: No
  • Room Arrangement: Program participation in clients home
  • Special Languages: English

  •  Addiction Treatment
  •  After Care Support
  •  Alcohol Treatment
  •  Child and Family Services
  •  Detoxification
  •  Drug & Alcohol Education
  •  Drug Rehab
  •  Intervention Planning
  •  Outpatient
  •  Relapse Prevention
  •  Substance Abuse Treatment
  •  Withdrawal Support