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USA Alcohol Treatment Centers & Alcohol Rehab Centers


Alabama (96)

Alaska (58)

Arizona (151)

Arkansas (38)

California (1589)

Colorado (389)

Connecticut (172)

Delaware (30)

District of Columbia (43)

Florida (488)

Georgia (162)

Hawaii (112) updated

Idaho (78)

Illinois (596)

Indiana (302)

Iowa (89)

Kansas (216)

Kentucky (273)

Louisiana (131)

Maine (185)

Maryland (318)

Massachusetts (232)

Michigan (470)

Minnesota (264)

Mississippi (82)

Missouri (222)

Montana (42)

Nebraska (91)

Nevada (59)

New Hampshire (39)

New Jersey (288)

New Mexico (79)

New York (904)

North Carolina (337)

North Dakota (58)

Ohio (356)

Oklahoma (150)

Oregon (212)

Pennsylvania (459)

Rhode Island (50)

South Carolina (81)

South Dakota (53)

Tennessee (164)

Texas (440)

Utah (125)

Vermont (33)

Virginia (112)

Washington (405)

Washington DC (1)

West Virginia (65)

Wisconsin (218)

Wyoming (45)

Bowling Green Brandywine gives clear recognition to the disease concept and focuses on the individual patient as a person with dignity and self-worth. Our treatment philosophy is predicated on the belief that chemical dependency is a highly treatable disease and can begin to be arrested through a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that utilizes medical, pharmacological, clinical, behavioral and 12-step interventions. Relapse prevention and discharge planning are also key components in the fight against the deadly disease of addiction.    ...

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It is our mission at Kirkbride Center, in service with the Greater Philadelphia community, to provide a full range of mental health and substance abuse services through our commitment to quality care and respect for the dignity of the individual....

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Our team of professionals believes that persons affected by chemical dependency can fully recover. We are committed to providing the highest standards of treatment, helping the affected person develop the tools necessary for continued growth and recovery....

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Boquete, Panama, Florida, USA


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Auburn, Washington, USA

Substance abuse treatment center...

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Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada

Sunhill Recovery os a premium residential addictions and mental health center. We offer individualized one on one therapy with highly qualified clinical psychologist and therapists. Our program even extends its services up to 12 months of aftercare. Situated on a waterfront property, the therapeutic beauty is unsurpassed. We not only open our doors but open our hearts to people suffering from addiction and mental health....

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