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At Crossroads Centre, Antigua we believe that addiction is a loss of control of oneself to a substance, person, or process, as evidenced by physical, mental, and spiritual unmanageability. We believe that alcoholism and chemical dependency are chronic, progressive and treatable diseases. The Mission of Crossroads Centre Antigua is to provide treatment and education to the chemically dependent person, their families and significant others. Treatment is provided through Residential Care, Family and Aftercare Programs....

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Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada

Sunhill Recovery os a premium residential addictions and mental health center. We offer individualized one on one therapy with highly qualified clinical psychologist and therapists. Our program even extends its services up to 12 months of aftercare. Situated on a waterfront property, the therapeutic beauty is unsurpassed. We not only open our doors but open our hearts to people suffering from addiction and mental health....

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Boquete, Panama, Florida, USA


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